30th Jan 2018: Milton Road Local Liaison Forum at Chesterton Community College. [Agenda available] UPDATE: [Full Video].

3rd Oct 2017: The 'trees' workshop. Video is available courtesy of Richard Taylor. Local resident Cab Davidson attended the workshop and wrote two blog posts afterwards: Part 1 and Part 2.

19th Sept: The 'bus stops and crossings' workshop. Great feedback from lots of people. Workshop participants expressed that their preferred designs for bus stops are for segregation between people walking and cycling, and protection for both from motor vehicles.

12th Sept: Milton Road LLF to introduce the workshop format going forward. Full video by Richard Taylor.

26th July: thank you to all who showed up to support us or ask a question at the Executive Board hearing. The Board elected to adopt the 'Final Concept' design going forward. We find many aspects of the 'Final Concept' design to be of concern, especially the extremely long bus lanes that shrink or squeeze out verges, trees, cycle lanes, bus stops and loading bays. We will continue to advocate for more elements of the better 'Do Optimum' proposal to be adopted into the design.

Video by Anthony Carpen: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

26th July: thank you to all who showed up to support us or ask a question at the Executive Board hearing. Later there will be excerpts and next steps, once the video is posted, please check back in a few days.

We are also continuing to maintain our petition to show support for the avenue of trees and verges protecting people walking and cycling.

19th July: video from the Joint Assembly (mainly parts 2-4) has now been posted, selected excerpts are available here, and that material may be useful for discussion with councillors, officers or other interested parties.

18th July: video from the Milton Road briefing session has now been posted, selected excerpts are available here

12th July: GCP Officers have released a new proposal that reinstates protected two-way cycling to school -- they have listened and responded -- but the intrusive bus lanes remain even on the quietest, most residential, narrowest stretch of Milton Road, cutting severely into the verge and in some cases outright eliminating it.

Please support Do-Optimum Please support Do-Optimum
Please support Do-Optimum

Here are some ideas for questions that you are welcome to consider using for your own question if you would like:

You may also contact your local city and county councillors and let them know that you support trees and verges protecting people walking and cycling as shown in the original 'Do Optimum' plan!

10th July: The papers for the upcoming GCP Joint Assembly have been published with the full Milton Road report under its corresponding agenda item. The 'Final Concept' plan from the officers has many changes compared to 13th June presentation and we will be reviewing them over the course of this week.

Please support Do-Optimum

1st July: we had a great day at the Market Square gathering petition signatures and talking about Do-Optimum.
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17th June: we had a lovely afternoon at the Chesterton Fair talking with local residents about Do-Optimum for Milton Road and the latest plans from the GCP.
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13th June Local Liaison Forum: Full Video, Selected Excerpts and Presentation Slides PDF

The GCP presented a modified plan that strips out much of the protected cycle lanes in favour of more bus lanes, and squeezes the grass verges to the bare minimum.

Would you let your children cycle here?

We believe that the GCP needs to address these priorities in particular:

9th May Local Liaison Forum Full video of LLF now available online. Excerpts:

Newsletter article ``Will Milton Road Set the Standard?'' article published